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Signature Fruit Enzyme Facial 

Customized to each specific skin type. Fruit enzymes provide a deeper

exfoliation resulting in smoother skin and a more radiant complexion. 

Each time you choose to book a Signature Enzyme Facial with Skin4Lyfe we will gift $5 of the total proceeds towards a donation to human trafficking victims. 

60 minutes $85.00

90 minutes $115.00

Clarifying Back Treatment 

Includes a deep cleansing and exfoliation, thorough extractions, a purifying mask, treatment correctives and high frequency to help fight against back acne. 


60 minutes $85.00

The Problem Solver 

A deep cleansing facial for problematic and acne prone skin types. Includes thorough extractions and high frequency treatment to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. 

75 minutes $100.00

Gentlemen’s Facial


A customized enzyme facial just for men to target specific skin types. Includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a soothing masque. 


Each time you choose to book a Gentlemen's Facial with Skin4Lyfe we will gift $5 of the total proceeds towards a donation to human trafficking victims. 

60 minutes $85.00

90 minutes $115.00

Skin Brightening Treatment 

Advanced depigmentation facial and 10% TCA peel to reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and discoloration due to sun damage and age spots. 

60 minutes $90.00

90 minutes $120.00

Turn Back Time Treatment 

Advanced skin resurfacing treatment. 

Includes Microdermabrasion, ultrasonic sculpting, micro-current stimulation, and LED light therapy to reduce signs of aging and hyper-pigmentation. For best results, Microdermabrasion should be 

done in a series. 

60 minutes $125.00

Series of 4 - $400.00



Procedure that uses small needles to prick 

the skin. Generates new cell growth for smoother, firmer and more toned skin. Treats various scars, wrinkles and enlarged pores. For best results, micro-needling should be done in a series. 

 60 minutes $125.00 / Series of 4 $400.00 


Chemical Peel

Targets specific skin care concerns and goals to achieve more-dramatic results. For best results, chemical peels should be done in a series. 

 60 minutes $125.00 / Series of 4 $400.00 



$10  Exfoliating Hand Treatment 

$10  Exfoliating Foot Treatment 

$15  Coconut Oil Scalp Massage 

$15  LED Light Therapy 

$15  Ultrasonic Sculpting 

$15  Micro-current Stimulation 

$20  20 Lactic Acid Add-In 

$20  30 Glycolic Acid Add-In 

$30  LED Light Therapy, Ultrasonic 

        And Micro-current Lift 

Norvell Airbrush / Spray TAN $30



$15  Eyebrow 

$10  Lip 

$10  Chin 

$10  Nostrils 

$45  Full Face 

$45  Bikini 

$55  French Bikini 

$75  Brazilian 

$50  Half Leg 

$75  Full Leg 

$50  Chest 

$50  Back 

$25  Under Arm 

$50  Full Arm 


Microcurrent Stimulation 

Low levels of electricity are used to stimulate the muscles, collagen and elastin in the face. Provides a tightening effect to achieve firmer skin and a more youthful appearance. 

 Ultrasonic Sculpting 

High level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, promoting cellular renewal, toning of the muscles, and improving skin care product penetration.

 LED Light Therapy


Red and/or Blue LED lights penetrate the skin at different depths to treat acne-causing bacteria and promote new cell growth while reducing 


Therapeutic Massage Menu



Gentle massage that encourages the 

movement of lymph fluid to remove waste and toxins from bodily tissues. Most beneficial for conditions such as fibromyalgia and lymphedema (swelling of the legs and arms caused by infection(s). 

60 minutes $95.00


Gentle pressure massage to promote 

relaxation by releasing muscle tension. 


60 minutes $80.00

90 minutes $110.00



This massage technique focuses on pain believed to arise from myofascial tissues, which are the tough membranes that wrap, connect and support your muscles. 


60 minutes $100.00

90 minutes $130.00


Customized massage to specific problem areas using light to medium pressure. 


60 minutes $85.00

90 minutes $115.00


Promotes deep muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, heated stones. Relieves muscle tension caused by a variety of conditions, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety and depression.


90 minutes $125.00


This massage is best suited for athletes, runners, people with injuries and chronic pain. 


60 minutes $90.00

90 minutes $120.00


Customized massage for the expecting mother to help relieve back aches while addressing leg cramps.

60 minutes $85.00

90 minutes $115.00


$10 Exfoliating Hand Treatment

$10 Exfoliating Foot Treatment

$15 Aromatherapy

$15 Coconut Oil Scalp Massage

$20 Exfoliating Back Treatment

$25 Refresher Facial

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